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New Spy Trail

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Treasure Trails

69 KIngsway Drive, Portadown
01872 263692



Go on – admit it, how many of us have fantasised about being – just for a short while anyway – that great British hero James Bond. Well, a Portadown based company Treasure Trails may just have come up with the answer – with the launch of the Spy Trail.

Building on the astonishing success of their Murder Mystery and Treasure Hunt Trails, the Spy Trail mission (should, of course, you choose to accept it!) is a hunt to find answers to mysterious clues hidden in familiar landmarks, attractions and buildings.

Each answer generates a letter which fits into a final puzzle which has to be solved to complete the mission – and de-activate the bomb. “The Treasure Trails idea lends itself perfectly to a Spy Mission,” said Allan Hamilton, MD of the company “What we have is a 2 to 2 and a half hour activity whereby the whole family can get out and about, solve some devious clues – which can be hidden literally anywhere, learn a bit about the area, have a ball, eliminate a few clues along the way and finally discover the location of the stolen nuclear warhead. If you have got the correct answers you can de- activate the bomb – if not, well, the end of the world I guess!”

Downloaded from the company’s website, or purchased from a range of retail outlets in the area, the Spy Trail is available in an easy to use, A5 booklet form. Its aim is to get people out and about

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