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Cyclists & Walkers Please Be Aware!



RE: The Newry Canal Way

Due to concerns raised by local residents, in and around the Pontzpass area, cyclists and walkers are being asked to be aware that when using the Newry Canal Way a short section of this route is on public road.

The stretch of route in question is from Pontzpass to Gamble's Bridge where cyclists and walkers must follow the Canal Bank road for a short distance before crossing the Drumantine Hill road and re-joining the Newry Canal waymarked path.

Local residents are concerned that cyclists and walkers are treating this stretch of road as a continuation of the off-road path. Other road users are being forced to tail behind cycling and walking groups spanning across this public road. 

Cyclists and walkers have been asked to keep in mind that despite being a quiet road, the Canal Bank road should be treated as a public road and as such groups should be aware of and show respect to other road users on this section.