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Noel Johnston is set to break the record for the fastest time to walk the entirety of the Ulster Way.  As he heads from Bangor to Belfast today along the towpath into Lisburn this evening he is hoping to celebrate a new record for completing the Ulster Way in just 26 days.  

On 21st June, Noel Johnston (complete with a five stone weight backpack) began his epic challenge from Belfast to complete the Ulsterway. He initially set out to complete the whole 1000 KM non -stop in under 50 days. This was his personal challenge however, it seems now that he is set to break the all-time record by being the first person ever to do it in 26 days (the current record stands at 32 days).

The brainchild of Wilfrid Capper MBE who in 1946 had the inspiration to create a circular walking route taking in the six counties of Northern Ireland, the Ulster Way was originally planned to be a walking link between the ring of Youth Hostels which used to encircle Northern Ireland it became one of the longest waymarked trails in Britain and Ireland.

The Father of one set off on his challenge to walk 625 miles with the aim to raise money for local community groups in East Belfast and ‘Kick Across the Barricades’, a project close to his heart.  Noel explained “It deals with rehabilitation of prisoners and we have a foundation that we are looking to set up for people to go in and coach and give people an opportunity to better themselves”. 

Noel's charity can be supported on his Go Fund Me site. 

You can follow his journey via http://theulsterwaychallenge.info

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