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North Coast Walking Showcased on Guardian Website!


WalkNI.com has teamed up with Tourism Ireland and the Guardian newspaper to showcase the great variety of walking on offer along the spectacular North Coast of Northern Ireland.

This promotional North Coast Walking video, which can be viewed live on the guardian website, shows local mountaineer and polar explorer Hannah Shields talk through why the North Coast rivals any other walking destination in Europe for scenery and breathtaking landscapes.

"I love this coastline," says Hannah Shields, "People don't realise how easy it is to get along the coast," she says.  "You can easily do an eight or 10-mile walk without going on a road once. You can just walk over to the next beach from where you started or you can go on a full-day hike. This is a place which is open for everybody: all ages, all abilities."

Follow this link to view the North Coast Walking Video on the Guardian Website.

Alternatively read an Article with Hannah Shields on why the North Coast is such a special place in her eyes!