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New Ireland Green Travel App


The new Ireland Green Travel app is written by leading Irish travel writer, Catherine Mack, who specialises in green and responsible tourism and winnner of Best in Responsible Tourism Writing at the Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards 2011.

Featuring over 170 entries of green accommodation, activities, transport options and local food experts, this guide will have you hiking, biking, canoeing and sleeping in some of Ireland’s lesser known green spots - lakeside lodges, yurt camps, island retreats, eco-castles, grand houses with more than just grand green gestures, yoga retreats and community-run hostels. Available for use on iPhone, iPad and Android

Ireland Green Travel app covers both Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, providing a rare source of Irish travel information in one place, saving lots of online surfing. Belfast born Catherine loves to remind people that “the lakes, rivers, mountains and coastline don’t stop just because of a line on the map. The beauty just keeps going”

Each accommodation entry has details on how to get there without a car

 Ireland Green Travel app has a handy Slow Travel guide for visitors who want to get to and from Ireland without flying,  information on local rail and bus services, as well as how to bring your bike on them, again North and South of the border.

 “I was a bit resistant to the idea of writing a travel app at first”  Catherine Mack admits, “as I am a battered old guidebook sort of a traveller really.  However,  the joys of being able to update it whenever I want, and knowing that people who have bought it will get those updates straight away, was a revelation. Also, being able to link directly to train timetables, Google Maps, walking or cycling trails, You Tube videos, and adding as many photos as I want, all in one tiny screen, has made me wake up to greener travel guidebook options.  This way, it will always be a work in progress and, hopefully, travellers can get to see all of Ireland’s ever growing number of truly green gems, not just the emeralds”.

The Price of the new app is €2.39 and can be downloaded from iTunes, and Google for Android.

For more details please email catherine@ethicaltraveller.co.uk. You can also follow Green Ireland Travel on Twitter at or on Facebook at Green Ireland Travel App.