Ulster Way A 625 mile (1000km) circular walking route in Northern Ireland


In 2002, Outdoor Recreation NI was commissioned by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), the Sports Council and NITB to review the Ulster Way.  A report included recommendations that:

In April 2003, the Environment Minister Angela Smith announced that NIEA would fulfil a coordinating role with regard to the future of the Ulster Way. She stressed the importance of councils playing a full part in improving and maintaining sections of the route.

Many partners worked together from 2004-2009 to bring the new route and website to fruition and many thanks goes to each and every one:

Special mention must go to Terry Eakin in Northern Ireland Environment Agency who tirelessly worked from 2003-2009 to co-ordinate bringing the revised route to fruition.

Into the future, following the launch of the revised route and website in September 2009, NIEA, with the support of Outdoor Recreation NI and the Ulster Way Advisory Committee, will continue to maintain an overview of the Ulster Way.  The majority of councils have committed to maintain the route and signage in their areas.  

The Ulster Way will be ever-changing and improving.   It is hoped that District Councils will continue to work with other partners to extend the length of the Ulster Way that is off-road.

To ensure ongoing quality of the Quality Sections of the Ulster Way there is an annual audit programme in place.  Outdoor Recreation NI co-ordinates a team of Volunteer Rangers who carry out these audits.  Click here for more information. 

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