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Finding Your Way on the Ulster Way

The current Ulster Way route was officially launched on 16 September 2009.  Changes were made to the original route in order to create a quality walking experience that is the Ulster Way .

The current route is separated into Quality and Link sections, designed to help you maximise the potential of the best walking areas in Northern Ireland whilst minimising the time spent on busy roads.  The route is described in a clockwise direction on this website but can be walked in either direction.

Quality Sections (411 Miles / 658 Kilometres)

The Quality Sections as the name suggest provide a truly quality walking experience.  They are mainly on the already established Waymarked Ways which are predominantly off road and pass through Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs).

These sections are waymarked in both directions throughout their length with the following signs:

New Ulster Way Metal Road Sign

New Ulster Way road sign

New Ulster Way Waymarker Disc

New Ulster Way waymarker disc

The Quality sections in this website have interactive mapping, accurate route descriptions and information on points of interest along the way.

Depending on your fitness level it is anticipated that it would take on average 3 weeks to walk all of the Quality Sections.

We endeavour to ensure that all signage is accurate and up to date.  The Ulster Way signs are audited twice a year however unfortunately circumstances beyond our control e.g. theft can occur and therefore it is important to always be prepared and bring a map and compass when walking the route.  Please report any lost or damaged signs to ulsterway@walkni.com.

Link Sections (214 Miles /342 Kilometres)

The Link Sections are mainly on public roads, some of which can be very busy.  Walkers are actively encouraged to make use of public transport along these sections so they can make best use of their time on the more attractive Quality Sections.

These sections have not been waymarked, however if you are really keen and wish to complete a full circular walking route of Northern Ireland, then downloadable maps are available on this website.

Out of Date Maps

The original Ulster Way was established for a long number of years and therefore some remnants of it remain.  Whilst the current route follows the original version in some places there are also considerable differences.

Some printed maps including road maps and Ordnance Survey maps still include the original route.  Infact the interactive and downloadable maps from this website still include the dotted line indicating the original Ulster Way route. 

All out of date maps should be ignored so you do not walk unnecessary miles, risk getting lost or trespass over land for which there is no longer permission for access.

The good news is that this website provides regularly updated information, route descriptions and maps for the new route.