WalkNI.com Your definitive guide to walking in Northern Ireland

Walk Safely and Responsibly

Make sure you stay safe whilst walking in the hills and countryside.  Below are a number of free downloadable brochures featuring important safety information as well as details on how to enjoy the great outdoors responsibly.

Walk Safely Leaflet

This walk safely information leaflet has been produced by Mountaineering Ireland and covers how to choose suitable trail walks, planning your walk, appropriate clothing and what to do if you get lost or are in an emergency.  The leaflet also provides information on how we can enjoy the Irish countryside responsibly.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Responsibly

Produced by Sport Northern Ireland and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency the following guides contain information on how to be responsible for yourself, others and the environment whilst enjoying Northern Ireland’s outdoors.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors - A Guide for Responsible Users

A guide to using the great outdoors responsibility

Enjoy the Great Outdoors - A Guide for Responsible Dog Owners

A guide to enjoying the great outdoors responsibly with your dog

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