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Creggandevesky Archaeological Trail

This interesting walk begins and finishes at An Creagán Visitor Centre and includes a visit to the excavated Court Tomb at Creggandevesky. The walk is entirely on road.




9 miles

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Sheet 13

Nearest Town

Carrickmore / Creggan

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The entire route is on road

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Point of Interest

Ancient Court Tomb, visitor centre

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


Route Description

From An Creagan Centre, turn right to the junction with the main A505 Omagh-Cookstown Road.

The large Creggan cross is situated on your left on Esker-Na-Tor. This cross was erected in 1962 by the late Father Lagan, born in the parish of Kildress in the townland of Killucan in 1896. Although not a native of this area, many local people treasure fond memories of this priest who became integrated into the community of Creggan.

Turn left at the junction and walk along the main road for approximately 500 yards, then turn right onto the Pomeroy Road.

Along this road you will pass Creggan Chapel on the right, erected between 1938 and 1940, and later, on the left, a fine example of spade ridges. A common feature in this area, these serve as reminders of attempts to maximise production from a highly populated land during the harsh years of the Great Famine of 1845-49. The cross carried the inscription “Erected to the generosity of the people of this district.” He spent much of his life working with the Maoiri People of New Zealand.

At the staggered Sultin crossroads, take the Pomeroy Road straight ahead and continue along this route, admiring the small Loughs dotted throughout the extensive bogland.

Signposts indicate to the right the location of Creggandevesky Court Tomb, approximately 1 mile from the crossroads. This is a well-preserved court tomb, excavated between 1979 and 1982, dating from the Neolithic period (4,000 to 2,000 BC).

The excavation revealed traces of the burnt bones of at least 21 people, which were placed in the chambers after the bodies had been cremated nearby. Fragments of broken Neolithic pottery and flint tools were also found. The most personal find was that of a necklace of 112 beads.

Double back to the Sultin crossroads and turn left. This elevated road affords splendid views of Scalp Mountain to the south and the Sperrin range lying to the north. Continue to Golan crossroads and turn right.

Walking through the townland of Granagh and Creggan to the junction with the main A505, admire the unspoiled beauty of the undulating landscape. Cross the main road again to return to an Creagan Visitor Centre.

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

Translink - journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

Getting to the Start (by Car)

Park at An Creagán Visitor Centre


Parking, visitor services, restaurant, accommodation and toilets


In-house publication by An Creagan Visitor Centre

Publication Availability

Fore more information contact An Creagan on 028 8076 1112

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Map of Northern Ireland

Ratings and Comments

Keith Brighton 17 April, 2018 @ 09:39

This walk starts at the delightful An Creagan Centre and is a full 9 miles. The focus of attention for us was to visit the Tombs on the Pomeroy Road.

Basically, it is an uphill all the way there and the resultant downhill for the return. Not overly strenuous.

The direction are OK in that we were able to identify features on the way, but the roads named are completely incorrect and the signs for the Tombs do not exist or have been removed.

The whole of the route is badly littered, and not a good advertisement for NI.

The Creagan centre advised us that there had been issues with the farmers in the area who may have removed the signs.

The 'Pomeroy' road is actually Loughmallen and the Gortin road is Camlough Road.

The final two mile stretch is along a main road with moderate traffic

There are no rest points or places to stop and enjoy the views!

All in all, not to be recommended!

This walk was done on 16/04/2018

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