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Darkley Forest - Mountain Lodge Trail

Darkley Forest Offers an enchantingly unique walking experience through a small and peaceful coniferous woodland. Discover this unspoilt hidden gem using its two walking routes along with the rich historic landscape of Darkley Village including Tyllynawood Lake and the old Linen Mill.




1.9 miles

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Compact gravel paths

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Point of Interest

Tullynawood Lake, Old Linen Mill, Moss & Fungi

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Route Description

Mountain Lodge Trail is one of two trails within Darkely Forest. This is an engergetic walk taking approximately 1hour 15 mins to complete.

The trail follows the forest perimeter, leading walkers through a varied woodland overlooking the Callan River. Take a rest while enjoying the impressive viewpoints and enjoy the carpets of bluebells in springtime. A steady ascent leads back to the car park.

Finding your way about:
Follow the Mountain Lodge trail waymarker discs on the wooden posts located throughout the forest.


Dogs are allowed. Dogs must be kept on a lead


Car park

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Ratings and Comments

Wynter Aodh 11 March, 2019 @ 09:57

I wrote a blog I was so impressed with Darkley Forest.


Keith 30 October, 2018 @ 12:15

A friend and I are both over 70 and did both of these walks on the same day to make it longer. The terrain is quite easy and has enough uphill/downhill sections to make it challenging and interesting.

Very little wildlife spotted although there was a horse wandering alone!

The picnic area is a distance from the car park and it was wet on the day, so the addition of seating/picnic table nearby would have been welcome.

A good family walk but not testing for seasoned walkers!

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