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Comber Greenway

This walk leads from the centre of Belfast to the town of Comber along the line of the former railway.

This route provides a tranquil green corridor through East Belfast and ending passing through a rural landscape into Comber.




7 miles

OS Map


Nearest Town

Belfast - Dee Street

Route Shape


Route Type

Parkland & Grassland, Urban


Flat tarmac path throughout

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Grid Reference (End)


Point of Interest

Views of Harland & Wolf, Stormont, Cs Lewis Statue, Scrabo Tower

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Other Area

Route Description

The Comber Greenway is a 7 mile traffic free section of the National Cycle Network developed by Sustrans along the old Belfast to Comber railway line. The path was completed in November 2008 and provides a tranquil green corridor all the way from Comber to the heart of East Belfast with views along the route of Stormont and Scrabo Tower. The walking and cycling route provides local people with a traffic free environment for leisure walking and cycling and offers commuting cyclists a direct and traffic-free route from Comber to Belfast city centre.

The traffic free route begins at Dee Street in East Belfast and passes by the CS Lewis statue at the Holywood Arches, along the Bloomfield Walkway to Sandown Road where it continues past the Police Service NI headquarters to a newly installed toucan crossing at the Knock Road.

From here it travels up to the Kings Road and onwards to Abbey Road, through Tullycarnet and Ardcarn to East Link Road in Dundonald.

The greenway continues through a wetland area emerging at the Comber Road, Dundonald where a toucan crossing has been installed. The route continues from Comber Road, Dundonald past the Billy Neill Centre for Soccer Excellence where the former railway line runs near to the Enler River. Walkers and cyclists can cross the River Enler and farm lanes using a series of reinstated bridges before reaching the final destination at the Belfast Road, Comber.

Getting to the Start (by Public Transport)

Translink - journeyplanner.translink.co.uk

Getting to the Start (by Car)

Start is at Dee Street off Newtownards Road.


Dogs are allowed. Dogs must be kept under control at all times


Facilities can be found at Ballyhackamore, Tullycarnet, Dundonald and Comber.


Comber Greenway Leaflet

Publication Availability

Belfast Welcome Centre (028) 9024 6609

Walk Location
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Ratings and Comments

Ruth Miller 12 May, 2019 @ 22:16

My husband and I both in our 70s walk the Greenway most days. We are thankful for the tar that makes walking easier. We always walk to one side and we have never felt intimidated by cyclists. They are free to zoom up the middle without bothering us.

I have taken countless photographs of wild flowers and of the blossom on the trees. It is spectacular at all times of the year. We see an increasing variety of birds and our walks are never without birdsong.

lee 26 December, 2018 @ 20:17

It should never have been tarmacked to encourage cyclists in the first place. A WALK- way has now become a CYCLE-way that is anything but stress-free having to worry about being run-over.

I used to walk parts of it around Dundonald nearly 40 years ago when it was just a well-worn, stony path of a few feet wide and you had to jump over the river. A very peaceful, natural place then.

Get rid of the tarmac and replace with stones and the boy racing cyclists will disappear overnight.

Then it could be called a WAKWAY !

Catherine 13 May, 2018 @ 15:58

I know walkers and cyclists must respect each other and the path is for everyone. We have started walking on the greenway and there a number of cyclists who don’t ring their bell to let you know they are behind you then they speed past. This can be quite frightening when you are a pensioner. I have two dogs and I will never take them on the greenway, too dangerous. Sorry for moaning and I know the speeding cyclists will continue.

Ron Price 20 March, 2018 @ 17:10

A wonderful, semi-natural, asset, now partly destroyed by "improvements". A 10 feet wide path should have been sufficient for all, including responsible cyclists (not the selfish racers who speed past without any warning).

Now another three feet are being converted from greenery to tarmac. Why? In addition, trees have been cut down & greenery cleared (especially at Kings Road). Why the destruction? Now some sections are little more than a wide roadway without motor vehicles. A reduced greenway. Some butterflies and birds will return, but there will be fewer. Shame on whoever approved this.

Jimmy 1 April, 2017 @ 13:01

No longer safe for pedestrians cyclists do not obey code of conduct give no warnings do not slow down now a velodrome most people I have spoken too now avoid greenway at weekends a little thought from cyclists is all that is required not verbal abuse and abusive hand signals.

David 25 January, 2017 @ 17:48

Path needs widened i.e. Grass borders moved to edge of Tarmac path. It's just not wide enough on many sections to compensate for the many mad cyclists that use it. Someone or their pet dog is going to be seriously injured or killed. Also more vandal proof rubbish bins/ dog mess bins or more regular litter picks would good. I refer in particular to the section from Beersbridge Road to Kings Road.

Jean 28 December, 2016 @ 00:23

Nice walk but spoiled with rubbish and 2 old bikes which have been lying there for some time..needs a few bins along the way as a lot of dog poo and black bags hanging from branches which is a shame really

WalkNI 26 April, 2016 @ 09:29

Many thanks for your feedback. The Department for Regional Development are responsible for the management and maintenance of the Comber Greenway (WalkNI is a promotional website for walking routes in Northern Ireland) therefore I have passed on your comments to the appropriate personnel within the department.

Jimmy 25 April, 2016 @ 18:56

I think it is about time cyclists were made to take out 3rd party insurance then they might appreciate other people using the greenway instead of giving them abuse, have commented twice on the cycling NI site but neither have been published they only seem to publish comments about pedestrians and dog walkers, most dogs are insured so is my wheelchair but that doesn't cover me for damage caused by the 2 cyclists that have hit me and given nothing but abuse, have reported to the PSNI and have been told to get details and they can prosecute for furious riding, waste of time all you an get is abuse,

Jimmy 19 April, 2016 @ 16:52

I have just started using the greenway in my electric wheelchair I am disgusted by the amount of dog walkers who do not have dogs under control and the cyclists who race 2 and 3 abreast and expect you to move for them and the abuse given by them is a disgrace you would think it is a race track some cyclists are very polite and would sound bell on approach but to get called a spastic and a freak by Lycra louts with sunglasses and headphones in sticking there fingers up at I am you now carrying a camera and will publish photos on internet.

Will 8 April, 2016 @ 12:38

1. More dog poop bins needed & signage to make where they Are. The road sign hides the comber side bin and i have personally picked up numerous dog poop bags less than 100metres from the bin as people are too lazy to carry it back with them or don't know where the bins are.

2. An access route at the bridge at the ballyrainey road, with a toilet facility. There is a small carpark there, no reason why a toilet could not be installed.

3. A dividing line down the green wAy and perhaps a sign to say keep left. I'm not a cyclist but some walkers dander down the middle which I imagine frustrates cyclists leading to animosity.

4. Scraping the earth from the side of the track, a good foot of tarmac is now overgrown, this shrinks the path and forces walkers to the middle.

5 the replacement of the dog poop bin that has been thrown into the hedge by the ballyrainey road (access point 17)

Noel 5 September, 2015 @ 17:55

Having recently retired, I have found time to walk recently and ventured on to the Comber Greenway for the first time today. It is my intention to walk the entire length of the Greenway in stages.

It was a pleasant day and the walk was mostly safe and pleasant.

Having read many of the comments here, I would agree with many of them and wonder if anyone actually has the responsibility to act on them. I would have thought that Sustrans might be the right people to act:

1. Clearly there are dogs not on leads which do not co-exist well with cyclists. Who would have the responsibility to designate the Greenway as a "dogs on leads" walk?

2. Clearly there are dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs. Could bins be installed and bags be supplied along the route?

3. Incidentally, does someone have the responsibility to clean the Greenway?

4. Clearly there are cyclists who do not have a bell and who like to speed. Can a line be drawn along the centre and one side designated for bikes? Can speed bumps be installed?

5. Whilst I am able to walk the Greenway at the moment, I can see that in a few years I might appreciate a bench every half mile or so to have a rest.

I would be most interested to see a reply from Sustrans or whoever before I take on the next leg of the walk. (Email address supplied).

Finally, thank you for providing the Greenway. If maintained properly, I can see that it could make a very valuable contribution to life in the city and beyond.

Carol 4 August, 2015 @ 23:54

I live in Dundonald and used the Comber Greenway when it was an old railway track and like othesr loved to walk along it,since it's been taken over and turned into a racing track by some cyclists that are ruining it for other cyclists,please help us get back our country walk path.

steve 28 May, 2015 @ 23:10

Comber greenway is a great place to walk. There is no "beautiful time" - all year round it has something to offer with the diversity of plant life and peacefull environment. A great place to meet new friends and have a chat. Picnic tables would be a great benefit.

Only let down by a few cyclists that endanger the elderly who are unsure of foot, people walking with young children or dogs.

These few cycling individuals use it as a racetrack. Early mornings or evenings are worst.

These morons think it's their right to use it at track speed, timing their daily race to work and everyone has to get out of the way..

Silent assassins who do not use a bell to inform of their approach.

They need to realise ( at any time ) when approaching a mother with a 4 year old child or a young dog on a lead - (both child and dog have no road sense and may change direction quickly.)

These few cyclists destroy the reputation of the majority of cyclists.

Group cyclists I find most kind, calling out their approach and the side of the walkway they are using.

Unfortunately to protect the pedestrians it's about time speed bumps were put in.

I spoke to two PSNI who informed me they have clocked cyclists at 20+mph.

In think everyone ( cyclists and walkers ) would benefit with illumination for darker nights and strategically place speed bumps to slow down the racers but not impinge on the the responsible cyclists.

The walkway is for all - not just cyclists - If you want to race - find a racetrack.!

eddie 17 May, 2015 @ 10:33

I am in my late 60's and used to cycle the Greenway, I say used to. Several yrs ago when I first used the Greenway I got talking to another rider and asked him what he thought of the cycle path, he answered , not much. He went on to explain that the concept was sound but in practice it wasn't good. He explained Women and dogs are a pain in the backside. I thought at the time that was a bit harsh but now several yrs later his words were right.

I stopped using the Greenway after coming across five women walking abreast taking up the whole path and when I approached them they all just looked at me in a stunned manner not knowing what to do.

I didn't swear at them I just stopped and asked, So who is going to move?

Tip: The best time to use the Greenway is before 8.30 am and at 2.30 pm to 3 pm, reason , the women are taking the kids to school!

Jim 12 May, 2015 @ 10:41

Is it not time a speed limit for cyclists was imposed on the greenway, cyclists seem to think it is solely for their use. If cyclists wish to speed then let them use the road instead of swearing at anyone who happens to get in their way. The greenway is for EVERYONE, not just one group

Stephen 20 April, 2015 @ 21:37

Comber Greenway is great but the bottom, near Dee street is becoming quite dangerous to cycle/walk with the amount of crates thrown around and broken glass

Matt 19 November, 2014 @ 10:01

The walkway is lovely unfortunately it is ruined by sone irresponsible cyclist. As a cyclist myself the irresponsible cyclists who speed along the route have total disregard for walkers and probably do the most moaning about drivers when they are on the road. Someone is going to get badly injured.

Jim 6 September, 2014 @ 12:02

The Greenway has become a race track for cyclists and it is only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.It needs a dedicated cycle lane and a speed limit. I would advise pedestrians especially those with young children to avoid the Greenway.

SHARON 7 August, 2014 @ 22:37

i have cycled on this greenway for years with my husband and son, not as a speed cyclist but family cycles. for long enough you see dogs off leads and just wondering around even if you ring your bell or not! my husband and I just started a Sunday cycle on the 20th July around 2:15/30, when a dog just wondering went in front of my bike I had to break to avoid hitting the dog, which caused me to be taken to hospital in an ambulance. cracked bone in my elbow right arm, staved left thumb and badle cut and bruised left knee, this is into my 3rd week afterthe accident and It could take 3-4months for full healing. I want all dogs kept on leads made law. it is up to the council or government to make sure areas are safe and available for the correct use of person/s or 4 legged friends. all parks should have runs or areas for dogs to be off leas but small pathways like the greenway is not one of them.

Mark 21 July, 2014 @ 01:10

I love this Walkway, unfortunately the cyclists seem to be that dumb and think walkway means racetrack!

I have found the majority of cyclists have no respect for people walking along with dogs or kids and do not even have bells on their bikes where it should be made a legal requirement!

I use the walkway for cycling also and have had these men in their midlife crisis almost cause me too crash, myself and dog have been hit by cyclists. Total lack of respect, it's time speed ramps where put in too slow these people down!!

Lorna Adamd 5 August, 2013 @ 19:21

I have been on the walk 3 times, perfect for me with a lung related illness except "no seats " anywhere :(

People not lifting dog mess, and I was almost hit by a girl on a bicycle whom had lost balance! All cyclists should use there bell to warn they are coming. And like me keep my dog on a long lead! But well done a great sheltered walk and very enjoyable.

Ed Benton 13 June, 2013 @ 18:41

This is a great path, but unfortunately most dog walkers entirely disregard the notices advising them to keep their dogs under control.

Not only will cyclists need to swerve to avoid off-leash dogs frequently, quite often dog walkers will be using those tennis ball throwing arms, encouraging their dogs to erratically dart across the path.

Upon putting yourself off your bike to avoid their uncontrolled dog, you'll also most likely be subjected to abuse, if accounts of fellow cyclists are anything to go by.

Other than the above, not a bad path.

stuart 29 November, 2009 @ 21:00

Pleasant walk, but not a single seat to sit on for seven miles from start to finish!

P Ross 24 October, 2009 @ 13:50

Greenway is great but would be even better if it linked SAFELY with those of us who live on the Newtownards side of Comber

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