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Highway to Health, Threemilewater

This walk is part of the Highway to Health Scheme - a simple and innovative scheme which aims to encourage people of all ages to walk for leisure and good health. It uses pole signs at one kilometre intervals on an established route.




1.3 miles

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Sheet 15

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Highway to Health


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Please see the Threemilewater Highway to Health Leaflet available for download on this page.

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Translink - journeyplanner.translink.co.uk





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Ian Carson 6 September, 2012 @ 07:53

This is an enjoyable walk made better by being part of the "Newtownabbey Way" which allows for longer walks to be taken.

However there is one negative point: If traveling via Bridge Road there is a section which does not have any footpath at all and only a narrow grass verge for safety. There is a footath at both the top and bottom sections of the road, but none in the middle part. The danger is compounded by the fact that trees and shrubs have been allowed to grow out of control where the river was originally before being diverted.

The residents of the area have attempted, on more than one occasion, to rectify this by requesting DRD Roads Service correct this anomoly by continuing the footpath on along, citing the fact it is part of both the "Highway to Health" and the "Newtownabbey Way", but to date they have refused to do so. For this reason, and due to the danger posed to pedestrians and cyclists I feel I can't in all honesty rate it higher than "GOOD"

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