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This summer, together with our sponsor Barista Bar are encouraging you to make time for a short walk everyday! Walking for just 30 mins each day can benefit our physical health, mental well-being and is a great way to get out and breathe in some fresh air!

What are you waiting for? Get moving and hit your daily walking goal. Don’t forget to grab a hot drink in a reusable cup from Barista Bar and tune into their latest walking playlist ‘Coffee, Steps and Beats’ for some motivation.

What are the benefits of walking?

The People in the Outdoors Monitor for Northern Ireland (POMNI) carried out by our parent company Outdoor Recreation NI found that in Northern Ireland 7 in 10 adults visit the outdoors for leisure each week equating to 144 million visits each year. The most common activities are short walks, dog walking, spending time with children and running.

When asked what motivates them to get out for a walk?

  • 77% say it is good for wellbeing
  • 63% say it is good for health and fitness
  • 41% say connecting with nature is their key motivator

What motivates you to get outside for a walk? Share a picture of your favourite walking trail along with your answer on social media using #WalkNI and be sure to add #BaristaBarNI to your picture when picking up your favourite drink for a chance to be featured on their feed!

Coffee & Trails Blog

If like us, you eagerly anticipate a pre or post coffee when you’re out and about then this is the blog for you! We have been working closely with our sponsor Barista Bar to pick some of our top walks with great tasting Barista Bar coffee stops nearby, so you can spend more time enjoying the fantastic walking trails Northern Ireland has to offer.

Click here to read the Coffee & Trails Blog

Challenge yourself – Explore the Ulster Way

Have you checked out the new website for the Ulster Way, Northern Ireland’s most iconic long distance walking route? This long distance walking trail (that can be walked in small sections) received a fresh new look as part of funding by DAERA – Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs. This 636 miles (1,024km) circular route is one of the longest waymarked trails in the British Isles and popular with both local and international walkers alike.

(Giant pictured above can be found on the summit of Mullaghcarn in Gortin Glen Forest, Co. Tyrone)

Ways to get out walking this summer

Move your feet and get going!

The best way to celebrate this month is by walking. Get moving and hit your daily walking goal. Don’t forget to grab a hot drink from Barista Bar and tune into their walking playlist for some motivation! Click here to listen to the Barista Bar’s ‘Coffee Steps & Beats’ playlist:

Attend a group walk

A group is an excellent way to walk for longer periods. Walking with people keeps you engaged in the activity, and you walk more. Interested in rambling? Check out the Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs website.

Find your nearest walking club

Challenge friends and family to a step count competition! Who can walk the most steps in a week? Turn on the step counter on your phone or purchase a cheap pedometer and get walking.

Struggling to find somewhere to walk as a family? Discover the best buggy walks in Northern Ireland

There is no better activity at the weekend than a family walk. However, for many with younger children finding a walk where you can bring the buggy can be trickier than you would imagine. Steps and steep slopes can be just some of the deterrents for those with young children. To help you plan your next weekend adventure we have identified a few of the top buggy friendly walks in Northern Ireland.

Barista Bar have also kept those families in mind who may find it difficult to get that post walk coffee if the kids have fallen asleep in the car after burning lots of energy exploring the trails. Visit the Barista Bar drive-thru in Mallusk which means you can get great tasting coffee from the comfort of your own car! The drive-thru in Mallusk is ideal for those who have been exploring Cave Hill Country Park.

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Share with us your walking adventures on social media using #WalkNI

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