Our Mental Health and the Outdoors – LNT Ireland Podcast

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Have you caught up on the Leave No Trace Ireland Podcast yet? Leave No Trace Ireland’s podcast is back with an interesting series on ‘Our Mental Health and the Outdoors’.

Series 1 – Explores the power that nature can have to support our mental health and wellbeing. They start their conversations Cara Byrne from Hike Psych Ireland, who uses Hiking Therapy in her practice, bringing her clients into the hills for their therapy sessions.

Series 2 – The team tare joined by Sarah Hourigan, founder of Nature Therapy Ireland. With a background in applied psychology and a number of years working health research, Sarah chats with Ellie Berry about of exploring the benefits of the outdoors on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Series 3 – Ellie chats to Mark O’Connor, Advanced Leave No Trace Trainer and founder of Field Studies Ireland, about the importance of outdoor education to empower people to connect with nature and reduce eco-anxiety.

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