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A new campaign called ‘Get into Nature’ has just been launched by MyNI with the aim of encouraging people across Northern Ireland to get out into nature, enjoy it without damaging it, do what they can to help protect it and to be prepared for all conditions and events that may occur when out and about. The campaign also wants to help visitors build their outdoor skills and to provide the information they need to enjoy the environment they are visiting.

In recent days more and more people are responding to the latest easing of lockdown restrictions by visiting our forests, beaches and country parks. Lockdown in an unexpected way has reconnected us with nature and we have discovered a deeper value and respect for each other, our community and for our environment. We will never again take for granted our stunning landscape as we were unable to visit our favourite hidden gems and attractions.

Northern Ireland is rich with so many beautiful wild and wonderful places from our rugged coastlines, deep forests, breath-taking beaches and giant mountains.

Over the next 8 weeks the campaign will be sharing useful hints and tips on how to make the best out of what nature has to offer. Whether you are an experienced nature-lover or taking your first steps outdoors, solitary hiker or looking to enjoy our wonderful scenery with family or friends, they will have something for all of you.

Check out their website ( for more information and make sure to sign up to their social media channels for regular posts and updates.

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