Ballymoyer Woodland

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The route leaves from the car park at the Junction of Ballymoyer Road and Drumcrow Road. It initially follows the Creggan River and then winds it way through the mixed woodland of a fairy glen with deep mossy and ferned banks before returning back to the starting point

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Ballymoyer Woodland

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  • A pleasant walk through the woods and glen.
    It is not suitable for those with mobility issues because of some steep gradients and it is frequently muddy.
    Children should be kept close because of the water, some steep drops and the fact that a busy, fast road has to be crossed.
    There is very limited free parking, no entrance charge or toilets.
    The woodland is far cleaner than it was a few years ago and the worst of the fly-tipping in the glen has been removed. The custodians of this woodland have clearly made a great effort to clean it up.
    There was very little dog fouling.
    Overall this is a nice walk.

    Phil at 11:59 pm
  • This walk was an absolute great find. Parking for 8 to 10 cars at the beginning which seemed to be enough. Straight into a narrow woodland with a beautiful stream running through it. The first half of the walk is flat on a gravel track. Then there is a tree with a rope swing which our boy had fun on. The best bit is the 2nd half where you reach the loop which is a natural woodland valley so you walk a natural flattened path which has some elevations you walk along one side towards the the top with the stream 25-30 metres down below before you get to the end and double back doing the same on the other side. A couple of bits here were a bit mucky. Will definitely be going back, felt like I was in an American woodland at times.

    Emlyn Foody at 5:40 pm
  • Slightly tricky to find. Especially if there are roadworks and you are redirected down single track, pot hole ridden roads. But worth it. Starting off beside the river you walk until you cross a road into beautiful woodland. Green carpeted woods. Then over a little bridge and up the hillside into slightly thicker woods. I found the second part of the walk slightly eerie. Probably because I was alone and there’s quite a steep drop from the path to the river. The creaking tree and abandoned car hidden in the undergrowth didn’t help! Once you find this walk it is worth it though. The latter part is not suitable for prams or people with more limited mobility.

    Sarah Gillen at 10:44 am
  • County Armagh

    Distance 1.9 miles

    OS Map Sheet 28

    Terrain Off road woodland trail

    Nearest Town Whitecross

    Route Shape Circular

    Grid Reference H978312

    Route Type Woodland

    Route Description

    Start at the carpark at the junction of Ballymoyer Road and Drumcrow Road. Follow the path through the gate alongside the Creggan River until it joins the Ballymoyer Road. Follow the trail and waymarkers on the opposite side to the viewpoint and through the looped top section that traverses the steep glen. From the viewpoint cross the road again and return via the Creggan River path to the starting point.

    Point of Interest

    Diverse woodland and specimen trees

    Getting to the start

    Access from Ballymoyer Road between Whitecross and Newtownhamilton

    Public transport

    Translink –


    Car parking at the start of the walk. Refreshments, shops and toilets in Whitecross.

    Accessibility Grade

    Grade 5

    • There may not be a formalised path, and variable, single file trails are to be expected.
    • Gradients and cross slope could be expected to be steep and not limited.
    • Obstacles and surface breaks of greater than 75mm measured across the line of the path to be expected.
    • Overhanging branches are possible. Passing places and rest areas may not be formalised or provided.