Cladagh Glen Walk

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Section 1 of the Cuilcagh Way

The Cladagh River journeys down a narrow, steeply-sided gorge towards the Erne lowland. The gorge is covered by a long-established ash woodland. Red route on the attached map. The Cuilcagh Way is part of the Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark

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Cladagh Glen Walk

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  • Agree with Diane! Beautiful little glen with the prettiest waterfall by the trail half way along and also the exit to the Marble Arch river cave at the top end. Dramatic! Lovely spot and full of bluebells April time into May. It’s also a good spot to start the stairway to heaven walk up Cuilcagh, about a mile’s walk from the Marble Arch caves carpark though parking would be limited at the claddagh glen entrance.

    Dave Flanagan at 1:21 pm
  • This route provides a real sense of escapism into the natural world – full of vibrant greens and interesting natural wonders.

    Diane Crookes at 10:07 pm
  • County Fermanagh

    Distance 2 miles

    OS Map Sheet 26

    Terrain Path, walkway, steps, tracks

    Nearest Town Enniskillen or Belcoo

    Route Shape Linear

    Grid Reference H128356

    Route Type Riverside, Woodland

    Route Description

    The Cuilcagh Way is a waymarked route that stretches for 33km through a breath taking patchwork of habitats in southern Fermanagh.The route can be walked in sections and provides stunning views, fascinating geology, mystifying wildlife, captivating archaeology and natural history: enough to whet anyone’s appetite for adventure.

    The Cladagh Glen Walk is a way marked linear route through the striking landscape of the Cladagh River gorge. Following the course of the river, this walking route takes you through a steep limestone gorge that is thickly covered by an ancient ash woodland. Though it was once widespread, this sort of damp ash woodland is now rare in Ireland and the entire gorge is protected as part of the Marble Arch National Nature Reserve. There are many features of interest along the route- steep limestone cliffs, cascading waterfalls, cave springs, a turbulent river and a rich treasury of wild flowers. The most important feature to visit is the Marble Arch, an impressive natural archway that spans over the river, it is here that the Marble Arch Caves take its name.

    The walk follows gravel paths passing through deep woodland to where a wooden stairway climbs over rocky outcrops before taking you past the Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre. Here you can enjoy a guided tour of one of Europe’s finest showcaves or just relax before taking the final jaunt of your journey along a quiet country road to the entrance of Cuilcagh Mountain Park.

    Route description written as if you are starting the walk from the Cladagh Glen car park.

    Did you know? The Cladagh Glen takes its name from the Cladagh River which is formed in the depths of the Marble Arch Caves where the Owenbrean, Shruh Croppa and Aghinrawn rivers come together. The Cladagh River re-emerges from its underground journey at the Marble Arch Rising to make its way winding and twisting down through the narrow-steep sided gorge of the Cladagh Glen to join the Arney River and eventually, Lough Erne.

    Point of Interest

    Caves, the Folly, the Cascade

    Getting to the start

    The Cladagh Glen car park is signposted on the Blacklion to Florencecourt Road

    Public transport

    Translink –

    Dog Policy

    Dogs are permitted providing they are kept on a lead


    Car park. The Visitor Centre at the Marble Arch Caves (run by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council) is open from late March to September, from 10.00 am-4.30/5.00 pm, with toilets, café, guided tours of the caves and shop.

    Accessibility Grade

    Grade 5

    • There may not be a formalised path, and variable, single file trails are to be expected.
    • Gradients and cross slope could be expected to be steep and not limited.
    • Obstacles and surface breaks of greater than 75mm measured across the line of the path to be expected.
    • Overhanging branches are possible. Passing places and rest areas may not be formalised or provided.