Highway to Health, Ballymena North

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The total route is 4.33 km (2.69 miles) and passes through the People’s Park (12 acres of parkland donated to the people of Ballymena by Sir Shafto Adair in 1870) and the public open space of Sentry Hill as well as public paths along Doury Road, Grove Road and Ballymoney Road.

This urban walk is part of the Highway to Health Scheme – a simple and innovative scheme which aims to encourage people of all ages to walk for leisure and good health. It uses pole signs at one kilometre intervals on an established route.

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Highway to Health, Ballymena North

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    County Antrim

    Distance 2.7 miles

    OS Map Sheet 9

    Terrain Tarmac/paving

    Nearest Town Ballymena

    Route Shape Circular

    Grid Reference D10455 04157

    Route Type Highway to Health

    Route Description

    A target time of 41 – 42 minutes is estimated to complete the route. However by utilising the Old Ballymoney Road (yellow dotted) that bisects the main route, two shorter walks are created.

    The shorter loop traverses Sentry Hill and measures 2.62 km (1.63 miles) with a target time of 24 – 25 minutes. (East loop).

    While the longer of the loops cuts through the People’s Park and measures 3.03 km (1.88 miles) with a target time of 28 – 29 minutes (West loop).

    Street lighting is provided along the length of the route except the section through Sentry Hill which is also fairly steep in places.

    Point of Interest

    Peoples Park, Sentry Hill

    Public transport

    Translink – journeyplanner.translink.co.uk